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  • Its construction began in 1585 by order of the last commendatory monk, the cardinal Alessandro Riario, who died in the same year in Rome. The church was built within the boundary of the old Benedectine abbey, dating back to 1071. The excavations made in the Thirties by the archpriest Don Fiori, and those made in 1971 on the occasion of the IXth centenary of the foundation, bear testimony to it. The north side of the present church was built over the old foundations and presents a nave and two aisles. The lateral aisles were characterized by two chapels, while in the nave there was a high altar, surmounted, from the end of the XVIth century on, by an altarpiece, portraying Our Lady of the Assumption with the saints Claudio and Lorenzo at Her foot. By the middle of XVIIIth century, the archpriest Bianchi made the large windows, lighting the central nave, and the windows of the two chapels, opened. He also had a little choir built, demolishing the wall behind the high altar, and finding two columns, which are now placed in the reconstructed bell tower, facing the left aisle of the church. In the first half of the XIXth century, other changes were made: the building of the early side-chapels, one dedicated to the "Madonna delle Grazie" and the other called "Del Crocifisso", the installation of the organ, the enlargement of the vestry and of the choir, and the construction of a second vestry. In the second half of the century, the present high altar in wood was built by a local craftsman. At the beginning of the XXth century, the present big organ was built by the Battani, native from Frassinoro. In 1909 the bell tower was declared "unfit for use" and, a little later, demolished. The present bell tower was built in 1927. Today Frassinoro Abbey is a building in local stone, whose construction required the reuse of the remains of the older church.
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