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  • Olina bridge - Olina

  • The bridge of Olina constitutes without doubt one of the most notable and bold works that came to us. Still today, even if supplanted in its functionality by the near bridges of Pian della Valle (Pavullo-Acquaria) and of Prugneto (Pavullo-Sestola), it is admired for the light line of its blackened arc perfectly integrated in the stony landscape of the Scoltenna. The present bridge derives from a reconstruction of 1522 and it seems that for the expenses, burden on the earths of the Montecuccoli family and of the office of a podest� of Sestola, contributed even Florence and Lucca to demonstrate the strategic place for the frignanese practicability from the remotest epochs. The bridge of Olina was built with criterions that we have to think very advanced for the technique of that age. The arch in fact has a parabolic form, with a track that follows exactly the line of the loads; the curve obtained permits that is to subdue all the tans of the arc to a freight of pure compression eliminating the traditional components to which the stone cannot withstand.
  • Accessibility: on foot, by car
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