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  • Zocca

  • Trail: Zocca - Zocchetta - Montecorone - Sasso di S. Andrea - Montombraro - I dirupi dei calanchi - Ciano. From the town center of Zocca, go along via M. Tesi towards Vignola, then, at the fork, take the road for Montombraro. In Zocchetta, worth mentioning is an oratory built in 1668, and dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. Follow the road for 300 m., then turn left to Montecorone. Here, the rocky peak, known as S.Andrea Stone, stands. In its hollows, many birds, especially birds of prey and the peregrine falcons, build their nest. Come back to the provincial road and go on as far as Montombraro. In the surroundings, one can admire the "secular chestnut", a tree more than eight meters in girth, of millenary age. Going on the same way, one can find the suggestive gullies, covered with brooms, junipers and hawthorns, and finally arrive in Ciano, a locality famous for its prized grapes.
  • Accessibility: on foot, by bike, on horseback
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