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  • Zocca
  • Zocca

  • Up to the middle of the nineteenth century, Zocca was just the small trading centre of the vast �podesteria� or district of Montetortore, part of the Este territories. The centre was based around a market which had existed since 1400 and in the middle of which there stood the stump of a chestnut tree, or �zoca� in the local dialect. A town in its own right since 1859, over the years Zocca has become a pleasant tourist destination. Walking along the many paths through oak and chestnut woods, one comes across ancient hamlets waiting to be discovered and where time seems to have stood still. The numerous local restaurants and trattorias offer a rich variety of traditional local dishes and pleasant finds such as �crescentine� (a kind of flat bread) and �borlenghi� (a kind of pancake). There is an interesting calendar of events: cultural and artistic events, historical reenactment shows, opera, classical music concerts, music festivals, dances, sports events, exhibitions and important festivals such as the chestnut feast which takes place in October.
  • Accessibility: by car, by bus (ATCM line from Modena and ATC line from Bologna) and on foot along mountain paths
    Address   Via Mauro Tesi 1209   41059  Zocca MO
    Telephone   059.985584 - 986524
    Fax   059.986510

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    Via Mauro Tesi, 1209 - 41059 Zocca (MO)
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