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  • Frassinoro
  • Fontanaluccia

  • The village is located in the heart of a wide valley; the decorations on its eighteenth and nineteenth century houses depict its history. The Fontanaluccia dam was built on the Dolo River, which feeds the Farneta Hydroelectric Plant. It is possible to enjoy excursions along the signposted trails of the Mountain Community, discovering beautiful hamlets such as Muschioso and Le Pere Storte. The walk along the Matilda Trail is very picturesque, following the line of the Tracciolino road, a stretch of the old carriageway built by the electric company in the 1920s to link Farneta with the Fontanaluccia dam. Famous for its chestnut groves which produce the “Tosca” variety, a well-sized chestnut which is dried following traditional methods in the typical drying houses of the area. The Chestnut Festival takes place in October, in the courtyard of the church dedicated to Santa Lucia, where it is possible to taste specialities made from chestnuts and to purchase local products.

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