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  • Pavullo Nel Frignano
  • Benedello

  • Benedello is located in a mainly rocky area still crowned to this day by centuries-old houses, artfully positioned at the very top of a rocky outcrop and testimony to the existence of an ancient, impenetrable fortress which guarded the ancient castle lost centuries ago. Its name most probably comes from the word “Benedictus”. Benedello was also part of the “Castrum Feronianum”. The church, dedicated to the Assumpted Holy Virgin, dates back to 1520 and is situated at the foot of the fortress. The localities of Spinzola, La Lutta and Camurana are also well worth a visit.
  • Accessibility: From Modena: take the Via Estense, past the junction for Serramazzoni and Sant'Antonio, 500 mts before the centre of Pavullo, turn left at the junction for Crocette-Benedello
    Address   Benedello   41026  Pavullo nel Frignano MO

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