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  • Lama Mocogno
  • Barigazzo

  • The village of Barigazzo, part of the municipality of Lama Mocogno, is 10 kilometres from the town of Lama Mocogno itself and stands at a height of 1220 metres above sea level. The name Barigazzo comes from the word �barga�, meaning a hut. The old part of the village, standing above the Via Giardini, preserves part of the old ancient castle, a tower with square sandstone windows. The church of Saint George, probably of Byzantine origins, dates to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and has a rose-portal and sandstone windows. The bell tower is built in a style typical of the area of Frignano during the eighteenth century. Barigazzo is also well-known for its �fires�, generated by emissions of methane gas, used as a source of energy.

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