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  • The Museum is housed within the Castle of Sestola, in rooms where the stables and archives once were. The museum has constantly grown since its inauguration in 1986, when the first rooms, dedicated to traditional crafts, were opened to the public. Rooms dedicated to the crafts of the cobbler, carpenter and blacksmith are of particular note and were set up thanks to private donations and loans; further rooms have since been added, including the kitchen, the bedroom, the stable, the wine-cellar and the weaver’s room. Many objects representing mountain life have also been donated and put on display in the museum; particular attention has been paid to exhibits representing the development of tourism, especially winter sports, such as skis, snowshoes, sledges and bobsleighs. Along another theme, but just as interesting, is the collection concerning the famous opera singer, Teresina Burchi in Reiter, a soprano from Sestola who was famous during the first half of the 20th century; photos, personal documents and correspondence, as well as stage costumes are all on display in the room dedicated to her. The museum currently has 1500 exhibits, spread throughout the different rooms of the castle: the blacksmith’s, carpenter’s and cobbler’s, the kitchen, bedroom, stables, wine-cellar, the weaver’s and a snow and ice area.
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    on foot.

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