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Sestola / DISCOVER THE AREA / ART AND CULTURE / chapels, oratories, tabernacles


  • It is the ancient parish church of Sestola. It has been mentioned since 1114. In 1696 it was reconstructed and became an oratory. The building is made of sandstone pieces and it has a gable frontside. Inside remains of fresco of the XV century are kept. Now they are kept by the "Soprintendenza". Some XV century frescos were discovered in 1994 in the background wall hidden by the side altars. They are waiting to be restored. The feast of this church with the Holy Mass is celebrated the last sunday of august.
  • Accessibility: on foot
    Address   Corso Umberto I, 3   41029  Sestola MO
    Telephone   0536/62324
    Fax   0536/61621
    weekday open hours   temporary closed

  • Last update 27/02/15 (5071)

    Local Editorial Office of Sestola c/o I.A.T. del Cimone Umberto I n� 3 - 41029 Sestola (MO)
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