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  • The Esperia botanical garden, the only one in all the modenese Apennines, lies in the locality of Passo del Lupo, near the Lago della Ninfa, at 1500 meters above sea-level. Founded in 1980, it collects almost all the floral species, typical of the Apennines, Alpine and subalpine environment. They are arranged in 32 flowerbeds, visitable also by the disabled and blind people. This garden is provided with a well-furnished library, a herbarium, a card index, an album of photos, portraying the present plants, and a collection of seeds. Because of its variety of species, and its rich documentation, it is famous on a national level. - Why is it called Esperia? This name comes from Greek mythology. Esperia was, in fact, the name of the garden of the gods, in which the golden apple-tree, whose fruits made immortals, grew. - The flowerbeds: these species have been introduced thanks to the exchange of seeds with Italian and foreign universities. The charming exotic plants alternate with the local ones which, appropriately grouped according to their environment of origin, carry an important didactic function. The most interesting environment reproductions are those of the alpine rocks, equipped with the famous dolomitic "pink stones". Old and disabled people may visit the path, crossing through the flowerbeds, also. - The hall shows: periodical photo-shows dedicated to the flora-faunistic emergencies in the Modenese Apennine. - The medicinal plants: Esperia Garden was born in 1952 as an experimental herb-center for the study of medicinal plants. The Esperia Garden, believing in the curative property of some plants, promotes both their knowledge and their use. - Braille path: a special path, provided with boards and delimited by a thick cord, marks the flowerbeds for blind people. On every board, placed in front of each plant, the species, the characteristics and the colour of the different flowers are written in Braille alphabet. - Cimone rocky environment : It is a true environmental reproduction dedicated to our summit. - The natural wood: The flowerbeds are surrounded by a wide natural wood, consisting in a beech-wood, where vegetation grows spontaneously, and the most important species are marked with special illustrated labels. Easy and pleasant paths cross though the wood, accompany by a network of water-courses, and connected each other with solid small bridge, such as the suggestive "Ponte degli Alpini" (the alpini bridge), built in 1950 by the alpini of Fanano.In the most shadowy parts of the wood, the visitors can find some benches, and enjoy the quiet of this place. Beside each bench, in fact, some small plates, quoting the most beautiful verses on the relationship between man and nature, have been placed. Another natural jewel of Esperia Garden is the small lake, where one can see, among the thick aquatic vegetation, some rare amphibians. A short slope, starting from the lake, leads to the most romantic bench of the garden. - How to get to the Botanical Esperia Garden: at 4 Km from Pian del Falco, one can find a wide parking area and near it, the Garden; - For people who love walking: from Sestola: C.A.I. path n.451 or 6; from Fanano: C.A.I. path n. 443; from Roncoscaglia: C.A.I. path n. 457; from Montecreto: C.A.I. path n. 459 or 461.
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