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Sestola / DISCOVER THE AREA / ART AND CULTURE / churches, baptisteries


  • It was built in the XVIIth century. It is characterized by one nave, three side-chaples and a flat choir. In the inside, it is possible to admire prized works of art, such as two paintings by Pellegrino of Fanano, a wooden altarpiece with a picture done by "bolognese" school, and a XVIIIth century picture, portraying the "Assunzione di Maria e Santi". Worth mentioning are also the XVIIIth century organ by Traeri and the baptistry in marble of Verona. It is open only on Sundays morning, during the Holy Mass. The church and the village festivals take place on 15 August.
  • Accessibility: by car (6 km far from Sestola)
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