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  • Unique in the Modenese Apennine. The show of the cult objects was integrated with works of particular artistic value among which a copy of the cross of Fiumalbo, astylar cross dated 1400. Many of the liturgy-parameters, insignias, furnishes testimonies originate from the two ancient brotherhood places of the Holy Sacrament and of the Immaculate, still existing. Examples of it are the votive statues, the paints, the firewood altar, the tabernacle and also all the niche series, vaults, pinnacles and balusters. For groups and schoolboy all the days previous appointment with the town council. Guided visits on booking.
  • Address   VIA CAPITANO COPPI, N.2   41022   MO
    Telephone   0536/73922 73909
    Fax   0536/73074
    weekday open hours   10,00-12,30 a.m./ 4,00 - 6,30 p.m.

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