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  • Prignano Sulla Secchia
  • CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA - Prignano Section

  • CRI of Prignano S/S - It has been founded in the half of 1997. At the moment the only component of the CRI unity are the VDS, coordinated and directed by an inspector and 2 deputy inspectors. Part of the VDS 3 includes admonitions with formation tasks for the aspirant VDS, updating and formation with schools and firms. It is possible to require interventions even for transfers-dialysis
  • Address   Via Allegretti, 21   41048  Prignano sulla Secchia MO
    Telephone   0536/894214
    weekday open hours   8.00 P.M.- 6.00 A.M.: ON WED. AND ON THURS. - FROM 8.00 P.M. OF FRIDAY TO 6.00 A.M. OF MONDAY
    Open periods   ALL YEAR ROUND

  • Last update 15/11/14 (2713)

    Local Editorial Office of Comunit� Montana Modena Ovest Via Rocca, 1 - 41045 Montefiorino (MO)
    Telephone: 0536/962727 Fax: 0536/965312 Email:
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