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  • The scenic Belvedere path runs for about 48 kilometers from Casona di Marano to Monte Belvedere, among footpaths, mule tracks and forest tracks that alternate with short sections of unmade up or asphalt roads: it can be followed on foot, on horseback or by bicycle. Between Casona and Castellino the whole route is entirely inside the "Parco dei Sassi di Roccamalatina". This is surely one of the most evocative sections: in addition to the valuable naturalistic emergences of the Park, there are interesting historical - architectonic features. From Castellino to Monte Questiolo, people follow old mule tracks and paved roads that link extremely picturesque ancient settlements: further on, we mainly follow the ridge and the route offers some fine landscape views, among which Monte della Riva and Monte Questiolo. If we continue towards Madonna dei Cerreti, we cross Rosola and Rio dei Canali, two wild mountain streams, and we descend to Villa D'Aiano. Between Madonna dei Cerreti and Maserno, the route divides in a ring: it is possible to cross the Gola di Gea or ascend Monte della Croce. From Maserno we continue towards Monteforte, the final section runs towards Monte Belvedere along the top on a surface that is almost flat, first on a mule track, then on a forest track. From Monte Belvedere we can continue along the top or descend to Castelluccio di Moscheda.
  • Accessibility: on foot, on horseback, by mountain bike
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