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  • Prignano sulla Secchia
  • Itineraries through the Dolo, Dragone and Rossenna Valleys

  • A journey of discovery through the valleys of the river Dragone, the itinerary brings us closer to the history of Frassinoro, Montefiorino, Palagano and Prignano sulla Secchia by covering the historical, architectural and natural points of interest of the area. An extensive network of paths allows us to discover the rich and vast heritage of the area, parts of which still remain unknown and unexplored. There are 45 itineraries which guide the visitor through hidden places off the track beaten by mass tourism through woods, centuries-old churches and museums. The paths are clearly signposted, giving visitors all the information they need regarding each itinerary. The guide book and map "45 Itinerari nelle Valli Dolo, Dragone e Rossenna" gives full details of each itinerary and costs � 5.
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