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  • Zocca

  • Trail: Zocca - Serra di Montalbano - Monte della Riva - Montalbano - Missano. From Zocca, go along via M. Tesi, towards Vignola, for about 1 Km, then turn left, and follow the directions for Montalbano. In the locality "il Cantone", one can visit S. Filippo Neri oratory, built in 1716. From here, take the uphill road, on the right, and arrive, 200m ahead., in the locality of Serra. Here, one can choose two different ways to reach the top of Monte della Riva. Following the external one, on the left, one can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the Panaro valley. On the contrary, taking the other one, on the right, one goes through the wood surrounding the mount. On the top of the mount, one can still see the ruins of the Sassadella castle, and an oratory dedicated to Beata Vergine. In the neighborhood, there are wide secular chestnut- and fir-woods. Coming back on the road, one can reach Montalbano. Missano can be reached following the provincial road.
  • Accessibility: on foot, by bike, on horseback
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