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  • Prignano Sulla Secchia
  • Trails through Dolo, Dragone e Rossenna Valleys

  • RUN N.1: Il Pescale (170m) - Rocca (326m) - Pigneto - Alegara. Characteristics: carriage way in slightly gradual slope among extended cultivable lawns flanked by hedges and bushes. Part of the found is in asphalt. Difficulty: easy Route time: 2 hours about- Gradient: 243m; -134m - Panoramic interest, historical- architectural and archaeological. RUN N.2: Alegara - Monte Santo (478m) - La Braglia - Madonna della Neve - Prignano sulla Secchia. Characteristics: carriage way partly asphalted and in dug up placed on the ridge that gradually climbs on the hill among wide grasslands. Difficulty:easy. Route times: 2h about. Gradient: 381m; -110m. Panoramic and historical-architectural interest. RUN N.3: Il Pescale - Strette del Pescale - Rio Alegara - Casale - I Tre Gassoli - I Quattro Gassoli. Characteristics: run on the exposed gravelly river bed of the Secchia river. Some features are behind the rocky wall of the Strette del Pescale, then a carriage way continues to the Quattro Gassoli. Difficulty: slightly binding- Times of route: 3h about. Gradient: 298m. Interest: geomorphic, naturalistic, historical-architectural and archaeological. RUN N.4: Pigneto - Vezzano - Casal Pennato - Monte Scisso (467M) - Le Braide - Chiozza - Alevara. Characteristics: path and carriage way that crosses cultivable and little lawns oak woods and bay oak. Some short parts are asphalted. Difficulty: easy - Route times: 2h 20' about. Gradient: -294m; +451m. Interest: panoramic, archaeological, historical-architectural. RUN N.5: Alevara - Campodolio - Varana - Mulino del Berto - Casone - Faeto. Characteristics: slopely cartway feature that takes back the ancient way of the Via Ducale-Vandelli, crosses zones with cultivable lawns and a wide wood of oak and chestnut trees in the area of Faeto. Difficulty: easy- Route times: 2h 45' about. Gradient: 435m; -101m. Interest: architectural historian, geologic. RUN N.6: Faeto - S.Pellegrinetto - Sassomorello - Moncerato (dic�scesa al Borgo La C�). Characteristics: cattle-track on found first dirt patch in descent then in slope among wide cultivated areas with fodder and cereals. Difficulty: easy- Route times: 1h 30' about. Gradient: -167m; +32m. Interest: geomorphologic, historical-architectural and environmental. RUN N.7: Moncerato - Madonna della Neve - Montechiaratore. Characteristics: ridge cartway on dirt patch found and with terrestrial vegetable, flanks and crosses the provincial road for Prignano. Difficulty: elementary. Route times: 2h about. Gradient: -97m; + 40m. Interest: panoramic. RUN N.8: Alegara - Antico - Monte Lauro (575m) - Quattro Gassoli - Le Are - C� di Toni - Montechiaratore. Characteristics: path and cartway that crosses with latch a wide wood of oak and other typical kinds of the brushwood, final part in asphalt. Difficulty: easy- Route times: 2h 30' about. Gradient: 501m; -102m. Interest: historical-architectural and environmental. RUN N.9: Montechiaratore - Case Pellesi - S.Lorenzo - Il Poggio - Casa Righi - C� di Valente - Mulino di Prignano - Torrente Rossenna - Mulino del Sasso. Characteristics: run entirely in descent with asphalted road features from you leave to go into a thick wood of oak with final run on the exposed gravelly river bed of the Rossenna stream. Difficulty: easy. Gradient: -393m. Interest: panoramic and historical-architectural. RUN N.10: S.Lorenzo - Case Gherardi - Casa Achille - C� Biola - del Sasso. Characteristics: path on dirt patch found between extended cultivable lawns and a thick wood with typical essences of the brushwood. Difficulty: slightly binding- Route times: 3h about. Gradient: -332m; +125m. Interest: panoramic, historical-architectural and environmental. RUN N.11: Mulino del Sasso - Morano - S.Giulia (936m). Characteristics: path with gradual slope, part of the found with beaten and gravelly earth with brief parts of asphalted road. Difficulty: slightly binding. Route times: 2h 30' about.
  • Accessibility: on foot, by mtb, on horseback
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