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  • Prignano Sulla Secchia
  • "Strette del Pescale"

  • Of great naturalistic interest, both for its landscape and for its history. On the exposed gravelly river bed of the Secchia river the imposing rocky spur of the cliff of the Pescale, rises go up steeply on the right of the Secchia river to the "Strette del Pescale", in the part where the river receives the waters of the Pescarolo rivulet, It was a center of a prehistoric village. The settlement, that occupied a surface of about [mq]. 2.600 and was formed by great huts with wood and clay, with ellipsoidal plant and with the dug-out floor in the ground, went on from the end of the V or from the beginning of the IV millennium a.C. till the first half of the III. The recovered material documents in fact, the succession in the place of the diverged cultures developed in western Emilia during the whole Neolithic. But some findings discovered nearn the lytic station of the Pescale and dating back to the following ages of the copper and of the bronze, and other discovered in nearby places (Castellarano, Roteglia ), datable to the age of the bronze and of the iron, and brick fragments of the Roman age, show that this median feature of the valley of the Secchia was exploited to build houses for a longer span of time.

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  • Accessibility: on foot, by mtb, on horseback
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