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  • Prignano Sulla Secchia
  • Monte Scisso

  • Height: 467 m. s.l.m. - the crest settlement set along the principal way that led from Modena to Prignano S/SM; this justifies the standstills of the dukes of Este that we remember reading the names of the families of the places nearby. The most interesting building is an imposing sixteenth century building with a tower, to which other bodies had organically been added in following epochs. The tower with cover with four strata preserves a valuable Renaissance window, with lintel moulded windowsill, aligned to a cotto moulding with saw tooth and an other little window with lintel and jambs with smoothed glean. The next building has the typical structure of house-castle (plant dimensions very ample and height inferior to a common tower); It has numerous horizontal and circular loopholes in the two sides which can be seen. A sixteenth century window has a lintel with a smoothed glean. On the back part of the building you notice a little window with a round arch. Another building deserving relief is a sixteenth century house-tower that, even if it had tamperings and adds in following epochs, mantains a piece of the cotto moulding-dovecot with saw tooth, a small window with external splay and recurrent grained angular tans. Next, there is an ample barn that, even if doesn't present important elements, is compatible with the morphological organization of the whole settlement. The pertinence area of the rural nucleus, relatively ample, is justified with the particular orographic position of the settlement, that rising on a knoll, dominates the surrounding area now cultivated.

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