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  • The Devil's Bridge - Lama Mocogno

  • THE DEVIL�S BRIDGE. The famous Devil�s Bridge is the result of the natural erosion of an Eocene formation. Stretching between the two banks of a woodland gully, and both wide and even enough to be walked across with ease, it really gives the impression of being a bridge, albeit a little steep. While the southern end of the bridge, the lower side, is simply anchored into the underlying bed rock, the opposite end extends in a configuration of biomorphic appearance which is hollow inside, and, through a wide opening, forms the entrance/exit to the bridge from this side. Although surrounded by dense woodland, it can be reached via a network of several wide paths. The bridge is such an impressive natural marvel that it fully deserves the fame it has gained over the course of time and the many legends and tales which surround it.
  • Accessibility: on foot
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