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  • The stately sample of cedar of Lebanon, called by the pavullesi citizens " Pinone " is situated in the Ducal Park and it is its symbol. Planted by the German gardener Carlo Huller that drew and realized the park for the duke Francesco IVth, presents a circumference of about m. 5.50 and a height of m. 38. The species, original of the middle east, was imported to Europe in 1683. In Italy the first exemplaries were planted in 1787 in the botanical garden of Pisa. Today it is very diffused in the gardens for its beautiful gait and for the powerful trunk, branched from downstairs. Its wood is strong and extremely durable. The ancient Egyptians distilled from the wood a particular oil that used for the embalmment of the dead. In biblical epoch, for its solidity and durability, the wood of the cedar was often used for the templar and buildings construction. During the second word war, the Pinone has run the risk to be demolished by the German soldiers to obtain firewood; but intervention of the podestà Ghibellini saved it. The position of this sample to the superior limit of the lawn of the Ducal Park favors the perception to distance of all its massive structure: named among the one hundred most important vegetable monuments in Italy.
  • Accessibility: on foot
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