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  • Montecreto
  • Montecreto Castle

  • The Castle, or rather the �Fortress� of Montecreto, is a medieval fortification the main features of which can still be seen today on the top of the hill, at the end of Via Castello. In particular, it is clear to see from the several circles of walls how the castle was extended over the years, centered around the oldest part, the castle keep, which has been transformed into a bell tower. The walls enclose the oldest part of the castle - the podium of the fortress - as well as Via Castello, the road leading up to the castle. Nowadays, looking out from the castle keep over the surrounding area, it is easy to imagine the original defensive role of the fortress thanks to the still clearly visible castles and watch-towers which together once formed a defensive look-out system against enemy attack. The parish church of St John the Baptist also stands on the �podium� of the fortress; the church was almost entirely rebuilt in the seventeenth century, concealing the original building; there are many works of art to be seen inside, such as the column-bearing lions which once supported the pillars of the fortress portal (XIV century), the Tuscan-school baptismal font (XVI century), the arch and fresco from the destroyed Oratory of St Roch (XVI century), the Tuscan-school sandstone pulpit (XVI century), the Tuscan-school medieval crucifix (XIV-XV century) and several interesting altar pieces including a painting by the sixteenth-century artist Ascanio Magnanini from Fanano.
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