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  • Prignano Sulla Secchia

  • This beautiful sixteenth century building is in via Sassuolo. It presents an ample loggia supported by columns with volume graven capitals. The dovecot tower has a slip stringcourse and the eaves in sandstone. The place, just out of the town of Prignano, had in 1641 "one house and six people ". In the XVI cent. it was the residence of the Grimaldi family and later of the Baldelli family and the Pellesi family that gave their name to the place. The tower house with dovecot stringcourse in sandstone and eave frames: The angular body, glazed to prevent the reclimbing of mice, is typical of these structures that in the XVI cent. Sum up the defensive function and the food deposit one. The ample loggia supported by columns with volute graven capitals, is interrupted against a raised body in which maybe the loggia had to continue, if ,as seems, there were other two reemployed capitals upset on the recent pillars of the gate. The terminal part of the building has been recently raised with an incongruous intervention. In front is placed the barn, massive and with a rectangular plant, that presents in the facade in the upper part a spiall lunette window with pierce in bricks and a smoothed angle, about two meters high.
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