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  • Montecreto

  • CASA BORRA: It is the most representative building of the civil architecture of this hamlet. It is a XVI century house with an enclosed courtyard, and a tower, placed where the two wings intersect. Worth mentioning are some masks engraved in the corbels and an angular iron with plate dated 1660. CASA GALLI: This building, located in Via Vaccari, is characterized by an enclosed courtyard. Its sober architecture gives prominence to the stone elements, such as the portals and the cornices. Among them the two XVIII century portals stand out. CA' DI MARSILIO: It is a building, characterized by an enclosed courtyard with three entrances. Worth mentioning is a wooden porticato, connecting the cowsheds to the houses. In the neighborhood, one can find a majesty in stone, very interesting from an architectural point of view. CA' SEGANTINI: It is a XIX century rural villa, built in modern style. On the ridge of the roof, one can see a little tower provided with a panoramic balcony. MULINO CAMATTI: It is an imposing water mill from the XVIII century, provided with storehouses and cowsheds. It is no longer active, but it is the most important mill of Montecreto. CA' GHERARDI: It is one of the most interesting permanent settlement above sea level. This solid block of houses presents a complex structure. Of architectural interest are: an interior starecase, dug out in stone and dated 1770; some decorated portals, and some XVIII century monolithic windows. In the nearby wood, one can find a well-preserved drying house for chestnuts. LA MARINA: It is a long building from the XVII century, composed by some low rural constructions and some houses with various storeys. Its wing, arranged at a right angle, forms a large enclosed yard, on which a portico with four arcades, looks on. Worth mentioning are a portal of stone, dated 1612, and a fountain with a XVIII century majesty.
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