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  • Montecreto

  • MONTECRETO: The houses were built on the steep route leading to the "castle". Of the latter, built probably in the Middle Ages, only the keep, now turned into a bell tower, remains. The buildings of the old village are connected to each other with a paved way, characterized by round portals, square windows, and sandstone friezes, dating back to the XVth century. On the rise, where the medieval castle stood, in the XVIIth century, the church dedicated to S. Giovanni Battista was built In its inside, worth mentioning are: the frescoed altar, dating back to 1505 and coming from S. Rocco oratory, a XIIIth century crucufix in polychrome wood, a font engraved with low-relieves, dating back to XVIth century, and an engraved pulpit in stone. ACQUARIA: This old village preserves still its medieval structure, characterized by an enclosed yard with arches and paved streets. Among them, Carlotti house stands out. It is a nobiliary residence with a closed yard, an angular tower and an oratory. Inside the yard, one can find prized decorations, such as the engravings on the 5 big corbels in oak, supporting the roof overhang, the flooring of the yard in big sandstone slabs, and the two XVIIIth century portals. CA' BARATTA: It is a rural compound formed by an enclosed yard, a XVth century tower with dovecote and a XVIIIth century oratory. On the fa´┐Żade of the oratory, a small vaulting bell tower is worth mentioning. LA SORBELLA: It is a rural village with multiple yards, dating back to the late Middle Ages. Notwithstanding various recastings, some interesting details still remain, such as the interior of a portico, through which one enters the XVth century yard and a trilitico porch, placed beside a XVI-XVIIth century majesty. LA TORRE: This rural compound was built in the XIVth century on a rocky spur, over the foundations of an old tower. One can still see the ruins of the ancient tower, dating back to the XIIIth century. MAGRIGNANA: At the beginning of the XIth century this village was surrounded by walls and a tower, defending the road, which connected Montecreto and Riolunato castles. Of particular interest are: a late medieval compound, including a XVIth century rural house, and "Torraccia", a residence built over the ruins of an ancient tower. In addition there is a XV-XVIth century house with closed yard, characterized by prized details, such as the portal with a carved coat of arms and windows in sandstone. There is also a church dedicated to S. Geminiano, which is a rebuilding of the former parish church, dating back to 1652. Not far from it, one can find the "old parsonage", built at the end of the Middle Ages, with a fine trilitico portal, dated 1513.
  • Accessibility: on foot, by car
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