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  • Palagano
  • Parco Santa Giulia

  • The park spreads over an area of 27 hectares, mainly through woodland. During the last world war, this area was the setting for bloody episodes linked to the Resistance struggle. In memory of these events, at the entrance to the park, there stands a circle of fourteen huge monolithic stones. This monumental group forms the Santa Giulia Memorial. The park offers nature trails, mountain bike trails and a new tourist office, managed by Ideanatura. There is also a bar, restaurant and conference room; the cuisine on offer is traditional and typical of the area, and made using local produce. Themed itineraries, guided tours and a vast range of events are organised with the aim of promoting the Apennines through the discovery of historical events, with particular interest paid to the Resistance, local traditions and culture, the environment and food and wine.

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