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  • The village appears for the first time as a “Villa” of Riccovolto in the oath sworn by the men of the Lands of the Abbey to the City of Modena in 1173. From the oath of the year 1200, it is presumed that, having broken away from Riccovolto, it was part of the territory of the Abbey of Frassinoro. Riccovolto and Cargedolo united in 1306. Later subject of the Montecuccolis, it came under the power of the Este dynasty in 1429. Cargedolo conserves a great number of decorative and architectural features of interest, as well as various doorways dating to the nineteenth century. On the river Dragone, near the Silvestro mill, there is a stone bridge with a single arch. The Church of San Lorenzo used to belong to the Parish of Rubbiano. Destroyed by a landslide, it was used as an oratory, extended in 1681. One of its doorways, dating to 1685, is decorated with a carving of a lion rampant and an eagle.

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