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  • San Pellegrino in Alpe is situated on the mountain road that leads from Modena to Lucca on the site of the remains of Saint Pellegrino. The legend goes that the young Saint Pellegrino (Peregine), King of Scotland, renounced the throne and abandoned his homeland to set out on a long pilgrimage through Europe, reaching the woods of the Apennines, where, along with the hermit Saint Bianco, he offered hospitality to the pilgrims on their way thought the area along the Via Bibulca and Via Vandelli. A sanctuary was later founded in honour of Saint Pellegrino and Saint Bianco, where their  remains lie at rest, overlooking the marvellous scenery of the Apuan Alps. The building, in Romanesque style, dates back to the eighth century AD, although earlier records date to the year 1000 AD. Today, just as in the past, San Pellegrino is a destination of international pilgrimage and devotion and also the finishing point of many trails for trekking and mountain biking, including the ancient Via Bibulca and the Matilda Trail. Many famous names have stopped at San Pellegrino, such as Federico II, Michelangelo, Matilde di Canossa, the English poet Shelley - who was inspired to write “The Witch of Atlas”, Ugo Foscolo, G. Pascoli, U Monti, Princess Enrica of Bourbon and many others. At San Pellegrino, visitors can enjoy the Museum of Country Art, “Don Luigi Pellegrini”, with over 4000 exhibits on display.

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