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  • Located in a panoramic position, Romanoro can be visited by following historical itineraries and nature trails, on foot or by mountain bike.  The Matilda Trail starts from the typical humpback bridge of Cadignano and leads to San Pellegrino in Alpe. Here, as in other parts of the Mountain Community of the Western Apennines of Modena, the precious truffle is gathered. The story, almost a legend, is still told to this day by the elderly villagers of how, while working in the fields with their hoes, they would unearth huge numbers of these precious underground mushrooms with their distinctive aroma. In order to protect this delicious underground product, the Romanoro Consortium was founded in August 1989. Places of note to be seen include the oratory of Santa Scolastica, the oratory of the Pilgrim Saints and the votive shrines situated in the hamlets of Chiesa and Cerreto, dating to the eighteenth century. A popular tradition of Romanoro is the festival “Maggio Epico” (Epic May), an ancient form of popular theatre. This form of theatre has been alive in Romanoro since 1905 and is still a source of inspiration to this day to the young artists that perform during the summer.

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