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  • To the attentive, inquisitive visitor, Rovolo offers the fascination which accompanies the joy of discovery and the search for signs and traces of the past. Spreading down the slope as far as the picturesque hamlet of La Costa, on the opposite side of the road, looking down over the riverbed, it looks like a courtyard jutting out towards the Upper Dolo Valley, under the watchful eye of the highest points of the Apennines of Reggio Emilia. The small hamlet of medieval aspect is a sort of labyrinth dotted with houses with balcony, fifteenth century doorways, underground passageways and narrow cobblestoned streets. The seventeenth century church, built in 1625 and restructured one and a half centuries later, retains many original architectural features. Rovolo is a stop on the interesting historical itinerary, the Matilda Trail, and the mountain bike itineraries of Val Dragone. 

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