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  • Polinago
  • Polinago

  • The territory of Polinago spreads over the north-western part of the area of Frignano and is crossed from one end to the other by the Rossenna river. It also includes the hamlets of Brandola, Gombola, Cassano and San Martino. It is situated 60 kms from Modena, 40 kms from Sassuolo and 18 kms from Pavullo nel Frignano, and, from the climate point of view, is located in the mid-altitude mountains, its territory � rich in fauna and flora � stretching from a minimum altitude of 275 mts above sea level to a maximum of 1053 mts. The numerous hamlets and houses dotted over the countryside offer a varied natural and historical landscape waiting to be discovered: Polinago - with its imposing parish church, belfry, oratory of Saint Anna and ancient Casa Marini - lies cradled on a hillside in a sunny position with an wide-open view of Mount Cimone directly opposite; the prized seventeenth-century hamlet of Gombola with its ancient, imposing parish Church, oratory dedicated to the patron saint and - just a few metres away - the perfectly preserved podesteria and old vicarage, the watermill which still works to this day, the oratory of the Holy Cross and the Romanesque bridge over the Rio Cervaro; Brandola with its ancient parish church, bridge over the river Rossenna, the Pola family manor house, the baths renowned for the medicinal properties of the water - of which there is documentary evidence dating back as far as 1763, the natural beauty of the woods and the �Herculean� or �Devil�s� Bridge (a rocky monolithic formation, 3 metres high and 33 metres long which stretches over a shallow dip in the woods just like a bridge); San Martino with its ancient, secluded hamlets; and Talbignano with its �Palazzo Cesis�, residence of Matilde di Canossa. And there is more: the ancient mother church of Cassano, the countless oratories dotted around the whole village (Oca di Monteforco, Maranello, Casa Del Tocco, Casa Carloni, Casa Rossi, Cinghianello, Il Monte�.) the lush-green Palaveggio and the barren Casa Matteazzi with hillside fields, artificial lakes and Canalina eruptive mud volcano. Polinago is equipped with a modern clay-pigeon shooting range with hunting course (the only one in the area) and stables. Polinago also offers modern hotel facilities, a regulation football pitch, tennis court, beach volley pitch, a synthetic five-aside pitch, permanent mountain bike trail, a modern climbing wall, and, within an equipped pic-nic area with refreshment stand: a sports hall and bowling alley. There is also the possibility of playing traditional games, such as �ruzzolone� (the launching of a wooden disc) at the �Cuccorosso� ruzzola track , or �tiro della piastrella� (discus throwing) at the pitch in the village of Il Monte. Gombola is also home to the famous donkey sanctuary which, with its donkey rides and excursions, has attracted thousands of visitors over the years.
  • Accessibility: Motorway exit Modena Nord in the direction of Sassuolo. From Sassuolo follow directions for Castellarano and, before reaching Cerredolo, turn right for Polinago. Motorway exit Modena Nord in the direction of Pavullo Nel Frignano continue to Polinago. The nearest bus station is Sassuolo, the bus stops in the square in front of the train station.
    Address   Corso Roma n. 71   41040  Polinago MO
    Telephone   0536/47000
    Fax   0536/47672

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