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  • Zocca
  • Ciano

  • In ancient time it was indicated with the name "Ciliano", it was certified for the first time in 934; in the XII century it obeyed to its own vavasours, under the sovereignty of Commune of Modena, that fortified it: its domionion passed then under the aegis estense, that united it with Podesteria of Montetortore. In 1637 the marquis Francesco Montecuccoli subjected it to Podesteria of Guiglia, and its descendants possessed it until 1797. S. Lorenzo church dates back to the first years of Twentieth century: its Rieger organ, that has been recently restored, is very interesting. Also the rural units with the XVIII century oratory, that is called "I boschi", the ruins of the walls of the castle and the oratory in locality "Castellaccio" are very interesting.
  • Accessibility: by car, by bus (ATC Bologna line), on foot through paths
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