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  • Fiumalbo

  • Dogana is the main hamlet of the whole municipality not only for its extention, but also as a tourist center. It is about 2,5 Km away from the town, along Via Giardini. It is on the 12 Brennero main road, between Km. 93217 and Km. 93940. The built-up area is located along this stretch of the road and is formed mainly by private houses and hotels ( there are 8 hotels in full efficiency). In the center of the village there is the "Picchiasassi" bridge, interesting from an architectural point of view, crossing Rio delle Pozze. Along this torrent, descending to the homonymous valley, one can see singular rocks hollowed out by glacial erosion and called "giant's kettles". In the village there are no old buildings worth mentioning, except the so called "Vecchia Dogana", which gave its name to the whole hamlet. It was built in 1823/24 to replace the old Customs, placed in the town of Serrabassa, near Abetone Pass and serving both the ducal roads. Faidello is another small village located along Via Giardini, towards Abetone, about 1 Km. away from Dogana. It receives its tourists both in two efficient hotels and in different apartment buildings, recently built. In the village there is a modest oratory built in 1845 and restored after the second World War. Before reaching Faidello, on the right, starts a road which, joining after a short stretch the old Via della Foce, gets to Le Pozze and to Val di Luce, a modern tourist and sporting station, under Pistoia. The last houses of Faidello, placed in the locality of Serretto, mark the boundary between the province of Modena and that one of Pistoia.
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