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Itinerary n�2 inside the Sassoguidano Reserve

Contact Environmental office c/o Municipality
Address Via Giardini, 192 41026 Pavullo nel Frignano MO
Telephone 0536/ 29933
Fax 0536/ 20125

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by the local editorial office of PAVULLO nel FRIGNANO
presso Ufficio Informazione Turistica del Comune di Pavullo nel Frignano
Via Giardini, 3 - 41026 - Pavullo nel Frignano (MO)
Telefono: 053629964 - Fax: 053629025

Average time required: 1,5 hour (round trip) To visit the bottom of Lerna valley, follow the dirt road which, from the bridge over the stream, below Molino Managlia, run along the right bank of the river, as far as the foot of Cinghio di Mavalone. This trail allows to see the hygrophile vegetation, growing along the stream, the clayey soil, and the beautiful rock faces of Cinghio.