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Address Via IV Novembre, 40 41100 MODENA MO
Telephone 059/ 986914 - 986978

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by the local editorial office of Unione di Comuni Valli Dolo Dragone e Secchia
Via Rocca, 1 - 41045 Montefiorino (MO)
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C.A.I. PATH 559: Imbrancamento - Bocca del Fornello (Giro del Diavolo) It is a brief entirely wooded path that allows a rapid access to the ridge and to the suggestive suburb of S. Pellegrino in Alpe. C.A.I. PATH 579: La Santona - Passo del Lagadello - Via Vandelli. It is a very long panoramic excursion with modest gradient that is developed on the western side of the Val Scoltenna and on the heading of the Val Dragone, with arrival point at the Passo del Lagadello from which, slowly, you can arrive at San Pellegrino in Alpe. C.A.I. PATH 567 Roccapelago-Alpesigola. This pleasant journey crosses Via Vandelli and the grasslands of the Lagaccione. It crosses few beaten paths and finally it arrives at the top of Alpesigola, the highest of the dividing ridges between Val Scoltenna and Val Dragone. C.A.I. PATH 575 Le Caldie-Alpesigola. Interesting itinerary that from Val Dragone goes to the top of Alpesigola, the highest elevation of the long stretch of coast that divides this valley from the adjacent Val Scoltenna. It is a good trip for the vegetable wealth and the geologic variety of the ground. C.A.I. PATH 577: Ca' Pazzaglia - Alpesigola. From the Dragone valley it climbs to the Alpesigola across one of the most solitary and savage path of the Modenese mountain, along the northern extremity of the ancient Selva Romanesca. Along this run wild boars may be seen. C.A.I. PATH 599 Roncadello di Sopra - Prati di San Geminiano. Brief itinerary that completes the long circular around the Alpicella delle Radici ridge - Passo of the Giovarello - "Maccherie", with return to the forest street of Bosco Reale. C.A.I. PATH 593: Ca' di Vanni di Sopra - Monte Modino - Monte Spalanco - Ca' di Giannasi. Circular itinerary on forest footsteps with the possibility in more points to go back to the chief town.