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Last update 13/10/2014 (ref.40748)
by the local editorial office of Unione di Comuni Valli Dolo Dragone e Secchia
Via Rocca, 1 - 41045 Montefiorino (MO)
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Seat of an ancient Romanesque parish church recorded in 882 and dedicated to Santa Maria in 908, which, in the thirteenth century, had fifteen affiliated churches in the valleys of Dolo and Dragone under its jurisdiction. Standing alone, on the side of the Via Bibulca, it enjoyed great influence throughout the whole of the medieval period. In Corzago, there is a seventeenth-century tower with eaves and square windows; not far away is the Oratory of the Madonna delle Grazie, with circular apse and lunette windows, restructured at the beginning of the 1900s. In Lama, there are important architectural elements of great interest: an architrave engraved with a lily flower and diamond symbol; carved wooden eaves and a doorway with concave corbels also decorated with the symbol of the diamond; a group of terraced houses with decorated corbels and doorways.