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Last update 24/09/2014 (ref.40738)
by the local editorial office of Unione di Comuni Valli Dolo Dragone e Secchia
Via Rocca, 1 - 41045 Montefiorino (MO)
Telefono: 0536/962727 Fax: 0536/965312 Email:

Immersed in spectacular scenery, dominated by the peaks of Mount Cimone and Mount Cusna, the village of Montefiorino is crowned by the fortress built by the Montecuccolo family in the fourteenth century and overlooked by the defensive tower built in 1170 as a bulwark over the valley. An important stop along the historical itinerary of the Via Bibulca, Montefiorino offers pleasant walks along signposted trails for trekking and mountain biking. In the autumn, the truffle festival, “Sagra del Tartufo Modenese” is organised, during which it is possible to buy and taste at the local restaurants the truffle from the Valleys of Dolo and Dragone, a product which is listed by the “Marchio Tradizioni e Sapori di Modena”, the Consortium of Traditions and Tastes of Modena. An important sports destination - with the football school of Milan organised every year in Farneta -  Montefiorano will soon have a brand new sports hall. The village, awarded a gold medal for military bravery, has within the fortress an important museum dedicated to the partisans of WW2 – Museo della Repubblica Partigiana – the first example of freedom under the German occupation. Visiting the museum and its excellent display of weapons, equipment, clothes, photographs, documentation, slides, films, first-hand audio and written records, it is possible to relive the Resistance, the enthusiasm and fear, entering into the everyday life of the Republic of Montefiorino.