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Via XXIV Maggio 4 - 41023 Lama Mocogno
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Vaglio belongs to the municipality of Lama Mocogno and is 2.5 kilometres from the town of Lama Mocogno itself; the village stands at a height of 703 metres above sea level. The name Vaglio comes from the word “vallum”, in reference to a Byzantine fortification of the eighth century, which stood on the ancient road that crossed the area of Frignano towards Montecenere and other settlements. The name “Castello” is in reference to this ancient fortification. Today there still remains a tower and a renaissance building. The church of Vaglio, dedicated to San Apollinare, dates to the thirteenth century; inside the church there are paintings and chasubles from the seventeenth century and the eighteenth century reliquary of San Apollinare. At Torre del Vaglio, the Oratory of the Holy Trinity probably dates to the eighteenth century.