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Contact U.T.C. Lama Mocogno
Address Via XXIV Maggio, 31 41023 Lama Mocogno MO
Telephone 0536 44127
Fax 0536 44890

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by the local editorial office of Lama Mocogno
Via XXIV Maggio 4 - 41023 Lama Mocogno
Tel. 0536 344390, 0536 343568 - Fax 0536 343570 Email:

Mocogno, part of the municipality of Lama Mocogno, is 3 kilometres from the town of Lama Mocogno and stands at 776 metres above sea level. The origins of the village are ancient; there was perhaps already a settlement here in Roman times, which gradually expanded and was fortified by a castle for its defence. The village, along with Borra Silano and Caverglumine, did not have land suitable for agriculture, so it became a village of shepherds and cattle farmers. In around 1800, Mocogno came under the municipality of Pavullo, which sold it in 1841 to Duke Francesco IV, who, concerned by the destruction of the woodlands, passed laws to reduce the pastureland, incurring the discontent of the population and serious moments of crisis. In this period, Mocogno was a parish and already had its own local council. Thanks to the many advantages brought by the construction of the Via Vandelli and, later, the Via Giardini, Lama became stronger and stronger. Towards the end of the 19th century, building work began on the new church. In a few years, Mocogno became just a suburb of Lama, which, in honour of its past, took the name Lama Mocogno and, still to this day, features the ancient castle on its coat of arms.